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About Arno Gourdol

I was born in France and graduated from Grenoble University.

While still pursuing my academic studies, I was recruited by Apple. I moved to Cupertino, and I became the tech lead of the User Interface team that conceived, designed and implemented Aqua, the user interface of Mac OS X.

In 2001 I joined Adobe in search of new adventures. I got the chance to be involved in many great products, including Photoshop, the first version of Creative Suite, the Flash platform, the Web Platform and the Creative Cloud experience. I was the founder of Adobe Bridge, which I still use everyday in my life as a photographer!

Ever since a high-school photography class where I learned about exposure, composition and developing your own prints in a darkroom, I have been an enthusiastic, if unfocused, photographer. I mostly combined photography with my love of travel, but this was mostly documentary photography.

With my work at Adobe, I deepened my appreciation for the photographic craft, and after a quarter of a century in the tech industry, I found myself with an itch to scratch. I wanted to not just build the tools that creatives could use to express themselves, but I had a yearning to jump on the other side of the fence, and use these tools myself for my own creative pursuits.

In March 2016, I left Adobe and decided to follow my heart and to use my camera to capture the splendor of the world. By sharing those images, maybe I can brighten someone’s day, inspire others to travel and discover our beautiful planet, realize how precious it is and care about each other a bit more.

I'm based in San Francisco but I am frequently out on the road.