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Spark of Hope

Spark of Hope

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The morning did not feel very auspicious.

It is raining again, and there is total cloud cover, the sun hiding behind heavy, dark, clouds.

I explored the coast between Kilkee and the Loop Head Lighthouse. Stunning cliffs, with dark rocks jutting into the ocean and waves relentlessly battling against the land.

I saw a pod a of huge dolphins surfacing briefly and diving again in the distance. I shot some long exposures of the waves draping the rocks. I could watch for hours (and actually, I did) the never repeating pattern of the waves.

As the time for the sun to set was approaching, I looked at the map and calculated where the sun was going to set. I dutifully setup my tripod, in case the sun did decide to peek through the clouds, but it seemed unlikely.

As the sun got close to the horizon, a faint orange band showed up. It was something. But then, as the sun kept going down, the light intensified, the grey of the sky turning into reds, oranges and yellows. And then, just as the sun was touching the faraway cliffs, the sun did peek through in the most spectacular fashion, displaying a brilliant sunstar and illuminating the whole seascape.

Even when the world is at its most lugubrious, even if it is so dim that you can barely see it, the spark of hope is always present, ready to light up the world.

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This print is 17″ ⨉ 22″ size C (432 ⨉ 559 mm) with margins of 1″ (254 mm) on the sides and top, and 2.5″ (635 mm) at the bottom.

The image area is 13″ ⨉ 19.5″ (330 ⨉ 495 mm).


  • Paper: Canson Infinity Printmaking Rag, fine art archival paper. This 100% cotton paper is mould-made using the finest and oldest paper making technique. It has a unique pure white without optical brighteners, an incomparable fine and silky touch. Its soft texture lends a painterly feel to the image. It meets the requirements of ISO 9706 for long term storage and archival.
  • Inks: Canon Lucia Pro ink set, a set of 11 inks plus a chroma optimizer which features microencapsulated pigment inks that achieve fantastic color reproduction, outstanding image clarity, and enhanced details.
  • Printer: Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000, a 17″ wide format professional printer. Its air feeding system prevents any scratches or marring of the paper and its print head equipped with 18,432 nozzles delivers a print resolution of up to 2,400 ⨉ 1,200 dpi.


This is a series of 50 Limited Edition prints and 5 Author's Proof.

Each print is signed and numbered and provided with a certificate of authenticity.